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Johnson Journal


For Jesus Christ to be glorified in all that happens.

For the presence of the Spirit and His power and anointing as we minister and for His working in the inner being of the lost around us.

For God to help us to minister love and truth and hope to the broken hearted and captives.

For God to lead us in every step and give us discernment and wisdom.

For God to draw people to Himself - may many new doors open as a result.


For God to crush any attempt of the devil to shut down our ministry through any means - saints, sinners, sicknesses, circumstances, etc.

For God’s protection from all evil.

For us to continually resist the enemy in Jesus' name.

For God to shut the mouth of the roaring lion who blinds and seeks to devour.

For God to stop him from trying to hinder people from coming to himself.

Against harassments, distractions, deceptions, accusations, temptations, bondage & unauthorized manifestations while we are ministering.

Cover and surround us with God’s angels.

Stop the enemy from snatching away truth our friends hear. Help them understand so he can't do this.


Over the years the Lord has led us to pray, on and off, against certain deception strongholds that exist among these people. So long as the veil of deception in these areas remains over their eyes, they will not be able to see the Gospel ( 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 ). Let us pray for the veil to be lifted and then they can see the Gospel and respond to it.

Spanish Roman Catholic's (RC) Beliefs (this is what Spanish Catholics believe)

The RC Church is the authority on spiritual matters. - No, the truth is that the Word of God is the final authority.

That RC Animism (the manipulation of God via religious rites and practices) is Christian & correct practice. - No, God will not be manipulated. He will answer prayers that are according to His will.

That there is a God, but He does not become personally involved with us - we cannot know Him personally. - No, God is apart from His creation, but at the same time very close and ready for a love relationship.

That all other good religious people will go to heaven too - all roads ultimately lead to God. - No, Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and a relationship with Him.

New Age Movement - This is growing very quickly in Spain

For the average Spaniard: I am god or ultimate reality. All the answers to life and spirituality reside within me.

For the more spiritual New Ager: I am god or ultimate reality. All the answers to life and spirituality reside within me. All I need to do is to develop the "christ" within me and release the energy within me in order to have what I want and need and to become more and more divine.

No, Jesus Christ is the creator, and we are the creatures, created in His image, with no divinity at all.

Secular Humanism

Atheism: There is no God . Agnosticism: There may be a god but we cannot know Him. - No, there is a personal God and He is ready to be found by all who are willing to repent and trust in His Son Jesus for salvation.

The Occult

There is nowhere to turn for spiritual & life answers but to the Occult because the Spanish Catholic church which is supposed to have these answers does not (this is what these folks believe). - No, the answer to spiritual and life questions reside in the Christian Bible which reveals that all truth is in Jesus Christ. They will never find this in the devil.

The Occult is the answer to their spiritual need. - No, it will result in their eternal bondage and destruction.

The Occult is to be dabbled with without consequences. - No, there is a steep price to pay with serious consequences.

The Occult will give them what they think they need and want. - No, this is a lie. It will result in Satan getting what he wants.

Tarot cards, Catholic spiritists, horoscopes, Ouija boards, demonic games, astrology, etc. are not really dangerous. No, they are profoundly deceptive and will result in serious spiritual problems and bondage.

Satan and his demons are not that bad. - No, they are very wicked and hate human beings and will ultimately destroy them.

Substance Abuse (Alcohol and Drugs) - 90% of all prisoners in Spain are there because of drugs.

Drugs/Alcohol can be dabbled with without consequences. - No, they will end up with dire consequences that can destroy them and their families.

To be accepted by the crowd means to say "yes" to drugs. - No, there is healing and help elsewhere and acceptance by God and His people regardless of their past.

Drugs/Alcohol is the answer to their need & will give them fulfilment. - No, Jesus Christ is the only answer to their need. Drugs and Alcohol will do nothing but disappoint and destroy them.

There are other deception strongholds, but these are the main ones for those coming. These strongholds lies are what Satan uses to keep them from even seeing the Gospel. Pray God will silence him and lift these veils that are over their eyes so they can see and understand the Gospel on Sunday and respond or be open to further look into the truth.