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Johnson Journal

Dear friends,
Last week we asked you to pray for some important events related to getting established in Spain.  One was the appointment for Kay and the boys to get their residency permit, and it went well.  They have been accepted and now are just waiting for the picture id.  We're not quite sure why that can't be given at the same time, like a drivers license in Wisconsin, but we'll try to be patient.  Pray that the id's will come soon, Kay can't take her drivers' exams until she has the id in hand.
Speaking of which, I passed my test!  Now I'll take behind the wheel on the 28th, and hopefully be able to get the motorcycle done next month.  If not, it will have to wait until September, as everything shuts down in August.
Kay had a great opportunity yesterday to continue developing her friendship with Carolina, our JW neighbor.  She had a party for her son, Samuel, and asked Kay to help, which is a fairly big step for a Spaniard.  I also has a nice conversation today with her husband, Victor.
Next week I look forward to getting to know some Spanish pastors at a church association meeting in southern Spain.  We'd all appreciate your prayers as Kay continues driving classes and tries to keep the boys from getting "bored" while I'm gone.
Thanks for your prayers,
Mark and Kay

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