Arrival, January, 2004
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Johnson Journal
Dear Friends,
We made it!  Its taken me awhile to get connected to the internet, and its not working too well yet, so I want to shoot this out to you while I can.  Our big request, beyond the adjustment, is to find  place to live.  Were staying in a small apartment in Madrid and making the best of it.  It is great to be able to get about anywhere in the city by subway or bus.  Today we took a tour of the Royal Palace, and it was impressive. 
But the adjustment has been tougher than we anticipated, especially on Greg and Ian.  So please pray especially for them.  Ian has a cold with a bad cough.  It would help to get settled in our own place, and we did see a place just this morning that might work.   So pray that God will lead us to just the right house to facilitate our ministry.
Its been good to get to know the other missionaries with TEAM, and tonight I went to a pastoral prayer meeting and met a couple of Spanish pastors.  Most of them work full time in addition to pastoring, quite a challenge.  Pray especially for Juan Ignacio and his Brazilian wife, Susana.
Weve been busy just getting adjusted, but next week hope to start working out a strategy with our teammates, Ned and Joanie.  Pray for Joanie, shes been fighting a virus that has hung on.  And pray that God will guide us as we develop our strategy.
Thanks for partnering with us!