Gabriel and Teresita´s Wedding, January, 2002
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Johnson Journal
Dear Friends,
By know you know Teresita and Gabriel.  It really doesn't matter what the enemy hits them with, they are there the next Sunday testifying to God's faithfulness to them.  Gabriel gave the touching testimony today.  Teresita was there, but very weak.  They were married in a civil ceremony 25 years ago, but it's been there dream for some time to reconfirm there vows in church.  Next Saturday is the day, and the church is invited along with a number of friends and family.  There are a significant number of non-Christians among them, though it's hard to know how they remain so with the Uribes' testimony of God's love and faithfulness to them.  Pray for physical strength for Teresita and a that the gospel will really reach those who don't yet know Jesus.
Our friend Yurima is visiting and considering the possibility of moving to Caracas.  We have some great ministries in mind for her, like developing a community service program encompassing literacy classes and ministry to street kids, to start with.  Please pray that God will guide her and us as we explore possibilities.
Oscar and I did an evangelistic Bible study with Alexis, a neighbor who has been visiting lately.  He is very open but has also had some input from the Jehova's Witnesses and the Mormons, so please pray that the Holy Spirit will clear away the garbage from his mind and help him to make a complete commitment to Jesus Christ.  Oscar has been a real encouragement, as he seeks opportunities to share Jesus Christ with people.  I did the last study, he'll do the next one.
Maria Eugenia is an elderly lady from Guadelajara, Mexico, who in the last few weeks visiting her daughter has made a commitment to Jesus Christ and been baptized.  She shared in church this morning that she is soon returning to Guadelajara with a strong desire to share Jesus Christ with her family and friends there.  Prais God for what He has done in her life.
The church is facing a difficult time financially, but God is blessing us so many ways spiritually that we are confident that He will provide all we need.  God is so good He even let me watch the Packers beat the 49ers today (with Spanish comentators)!
Thanks for praying!