Investigating Spain
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Johnson Journal
Dear Friends,
This has been a pretty eventful week in terms of the decision making process for our future ministry.  It started with a conference at TEAM headquarters Monday and Tuesday when I had an opportunity to pick the brains of people in the know about different areas of the world.  Later in the week, Kay and I met with Pastor Dick Robinson of Elmbrook and concluded that it would not be a good idea for us to go to Argentina. 
Spain has continually come back to our minds as a place that God may want us to minister.  As Kay says, it seems that a lot of the input we've been getting lately is related to Spain.  Kay also found an excellent bargain on plane tickets to Spain the week that the kids have three days free from school.  And Elmbrook has agreed to help us with the majority of the airfare.  We've also had some very informative E-mail correspondence with TEAM missionaries in Spain, a Spanish pastor, and an international missions leader, all affirming a tremendous need in Spain.
So the whole family will be going to Spain February 23 - March 3.  This is not definitive, it's an exploratory trip and God may still lead us somewhere else.  But things do seem to be coming together, and we're simply praying that the Lord will direct us.
Wednesday, Kay is leaving or a week to visit her sister in California.  We can't all afford to go, and the boys have school, so I'll be Mr. Mom.  The boys particularly will appreciate your prayers!!