Making Friends, April 11, 2004
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Johnson Journal
Dear Friends,
Making contacts, new friends with whom we hope to share the gospel, is the name of the game at this stage of church planting.  The best ways of making  new friends are not planned.
Yesterday morning a guy rang our doorbell asking for a hose.  Kay couldnīt figure out what he wanted until she went outside and saw that the trash dumpster outside our house was on fire!  So he put out the fire and we met he and his wife.  Pepe and Mayte live down the street.
There is a motorcycle shop in the next town.   It has a Harley insignia in front that the owner changed and incorporated the name of his business (sacrilege in Milwaukee!).  We had stopped and talked to him when we were driving around looking for a house a few weeks ago, and he remembered me when I took in the Honda with a few questions.  Turns out three is a motorcycle club that operates in that town and they do day rides weekly, once the weather gets nice (itīs been unusually cold here for Spaniards, great spring weather for Wisconsin!).  He invited me to a party on April 17.  Thatīs Gregīs birthday, but Iīm planning on taking him out Wednesday, so maybe Iīll make it to the party and drink a few cokes with the guys.  Making contacts is the name of the game at this stage of church planting.
Victor and Carolina are Jehovahīs Witnesses that live next door.  We were out working in our respective yards a couple of days ago when he invited me over to "try a sardine".  They had cooked sardines on the grill and he wanted me to try one!  Well they were sitting down to eat, told me I should call Kay, so we sat down to a meal of pork, sausages, shrimp and wine.  Carolinaīs parents were there, so we met them as well. 
Working in the yard yesterday, I had the motorcycle sitting out in front.  A neighbor with young kids went by, and they of course were very interested in the bike.  So I let them take turns sitting on it and met Ester, who lives on our street.
Thanks for praying for us to meet our neighbors, God is answering your prayers!  This is the essential first step to sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.
You know the news.  He died for you and me.  He is risen!
Mark and Kay
Mark and Kay Johnson
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