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Spain is needy:

It is about of one percent evangelical. (96,000 evangelicals; 40 million population in the year 2000, Operation World. Including Catholic and Orthodox Christians, the percentage might climb to 6/10 of one % Christian)

There are more Christians in Egypt than in Spain.

The reformation occurred during the Spanish Inquisition, so never happened in Spain.

Spain is not post-Christian. It never was Christian.

Spain is resistant:

An historical perspective:

The Spanish inquisition sought to convert or do away with all who were not Catholic.

Spanish colonialism was an attempt to Catholicize the New World, often at sword point..

The Spanish Armada in 1588 was an attempt to end the influence of Protestant England.

After the civil war in 1939 the fruit from a brief period of missionary work was almost completely wiped out. (160 of 166 churches closed).

During Francos Reign it was not possible for a Protestant:

To Marry. For many years judges in charge of civil records rejected almost every request by Protestant couples to marry.

To Serve in the military. The inscription in the army included a Catholic mass in which one bowed and kissed the flag.

Christian Burial in a Cemetery. The Catholics controlled the cemeteries. Sometimes a Protestant was allowed to be buried after dark.

Quotes from a letter by Martin Artajo, Minister of Foreign Affairs, September 20, 1952:

"It is an indisputable fact that national public opinion looks with great distaste upon foreign intervention in (religious) matters, because this intervention only confirms what most Spaniards believe: that Protestant propaganda in Spain is an attempt by foreign nations to penetrate our national life, directed with political aims at the destruction of the religious unity that exists in Spain and that is recognized by all Spaniards."

"The laws of Spain do not permit Protestants to proselytize (propagate their faith)"

"Protestantism is looked upon as foreign intervention and a threat to the national unity of Spain."

Law approved by the Spanish Parliament, April, 1961:

"The Spanish Nation considers it a point of pride to comply with the Law of God, according to the doctrine of the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, the only true one and the inseparable faith of the national conscience that inspires its legislation."

Source: Like a Flickering Flame: a History of Protestant Missions in Spain by Dale G. Vought

Spain is strategic:

There are many South Americans moving to Spain for work (there were 50 Ecuadorians on our plane!).

Spain could become a link of the "north" with the "south", like Miami.

Spain is on the edge of the 10/40 window, a possible springboard to North Africa.

Spain is connected to Europe as part of the European Union.

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